How to Claim

  • Graduates should bring 1 proof of identity (valid ID, passport, birth certificate) or UA Alumni Card when claiming the yearbook.
  • In the absence of the graduate, a representative may claim the yearbook provided that he/she must present an authorization letter and one (1) photocopy of the graduate’s ID/passport/birth certificate.

The UA Alumni Card is the mark of an Assumptionist.  It is the symbol that unites the graduates of the University of the Assumption (formerly, Assumption Junior College and Assumption College of Pampanga).  The UA Alumni Card has no expiration.

Who Can Avail

All graduates of the University of the Assumption from Grade School, High School,  College and Graduate School can get a copy of the Alumni Card.

How to Avail

  • For the alumni who gradated before 2012, just follow the easy 5-step process:
  • Fill up the Alumni Update Form.
  • Submit the accomplished form to the External Affairs and Media Office at the UA Alumni Center (near Gate 1) or send it via email at
  • Pay the processing fee of P100 at the Cashier’s Office on the 2nd floor of the Puno Building.
  • Have your picture taken at the Photo Laboratory or submit a most recent 2×2 close up picture.
  • Get your UA Alumni Card from the External Affairs and Media Office.
  • For those who graduated in 2012 and onwards, there is no need to apply.  You may get your alumni card at the External Affairs and Media Office within one (1) month after your graduation.

Discounts and Privileges

The UA Alumni Card entitles the holder to the following:

  • 50% discount membership fee, 23% discount monthly fee (all-in) at Sherwin’s Gym
  • 20% discount at Bliss Hotel
  • 5% discount at Orchid’s Bookstore
  • 4+1 UA alumni Discount privilege at Sweet Safari (Mexico and Angeles Branches)
  • 10% discount at Il Padrino Robinsons Starmills Branch
  • Easy entry to the UA campus (following the Security SOP’s on processing visitors)
  • Access to the libraries (for research purposes only)
  • Discounts on the use of UA facilities (following standard policies of the University)
  • The Alumni card is the Alumni card is available for
  • TRANSCRIPT OF RECORDS, TRANSFER CREDENTIALS (Certificate of Eligibility to Transfer and True Copy of Grades)
  • AUTHENTICATED DOCUMENTS (Certified True Copy of Document)
  • Authenticated Documents (Certified True Copy)


  1. Secure Form R-01A (Request Form for Documents). Have the application fee for the requested document/s assessed by the Records in-charge.For recent graduates and transferee applicants to other schools, accomplish Form R-01A and the Outgoing Clearance in securing Transcript of Records (TOR) or Transfer Credentials (TC).Click to download: FORM R-01A (Request Form for Documents)
  2. For first time applicants for the TOR, proceed to the Dean and the Director of Libraries for Clearance purposes. Second time applicants may skip this step.
  3. Settle the document/s’ fee at the Finance Office.
  4. Submit the approved Form-01A (including the Outgoing Clearance for recent graduates and transferee applicants) and Official Receipt at the Office of the University Registrar for the processing of the requested document/s.

Note: for request of Transcript of Records

  1. Under existing laws, only the owner of the records is allowed to request for documents in connection with his/her school records and claim the requested document/s.
  2. The University reserves the right to withhold, deny or cancel any request for documents due to pending accountabilities.
  3. Representatives must present an Authorization letter signed by the owner of the document/s, ID cards (of the owner and the representative).
  4. Present the claim stub with Official receipt when claiming the requested document/s.
  5. Documents/s not claimed after 90 days from due date will be DESTROYED and payments made FORFEITED.
  6. Pay only at the Finance Office.Finance Office (Cashier) hours:
    Monday – Friday (7:30am – 12:00nn, 1:30pm – 6:00pm)
    Saturday (8:00am – 12:00nn)

Click link below to open Google Docs Form

Alumni Tracking System

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